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About us

The Leaf Centre, known as Clock Face Community Centre when it opened in February 2001, provided a small, local venue for residents of the Four Acre Estate to meet and take part in a variety of vocational and leisure courses. The building, part of St. Theresa's Primary School, was then leased from the Archdiocese and managed on a day-to-day basis by the Centre Manager. 

In 2006 it became clear, following a full evaluation of the services provided and the level of demand from local residents and partner agencies, that the Centre was outgrowing the physical constraints of the building. More childcare places were required, waiting lists for courses were growing and partners were increasingly looking for a local venue in Four Acre from which to deliver their own services. 

The Management Board responded positively to this challenge and after considering a number of options, finally identified alternative premises at the Chester Lane Building. This would provide a much larger venue for the Centre and to offer extended and enhanced facilities and activities. A joint occupancy arrangement was agreed with St. Helens Council, as the building also houses the local Library Services. This agreement involved the volunteer led management board taking on the full responsibility for the delivery and management of all the community activities with the building.

After 18 months planning and securing the appropriate funding to facilitate the move, the Leaf Centre moved into its new premises in November 2008, and opened to the public in December. This was followed by a normal launch and opening by the mayor of St. Helens in August 2009.

The objectives of the LEAF Centre are:
•To positively Support the residents of the Four Acre Estate and surrounding neighbourhood, without distinction of gender, sexual orientation, race, political affiliation, religion or disability.

•To bring together the residents, local authority, voluntary service and other partner organisations in a common effort to provide neighbourhood services from a local venue that is accessible and affordable.

•To provide education, employment, training and leisure opportunities with the clear objective of improving the quality of life for the residents of the area.

•To act as a conduit for local residents to ensure that, wherever possible, their views are taken on board by agencies involved in the regeneration of the Four Acre area.

The Centre's partnership links and location at the hub of this deprived neighbourhood helps to tackle identified gaps in provision and skill need directly and tailor projects and activities. The Centre provides appropriate interventions to tackle a variety of thematic issues to address the gap in provision currently unavailable directly within the neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Management.

The vision is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Four Acre by creating a safer and stronger community, where people feel proud to live and work where service provides continually improve their delivery by responding to neighbourhood needs.

The LEAF Centre has a key role to play in supporting the delivery of the neighbourhood Management Vision and in meeting the following aims. It is the onlycommunity venue in the Neighbourhood Management area and not only hosts Neighbourhood Management Board and Residents meetings, but also provides a range of key activities to support.

Neighbourhood Managements aims: 
•Identify and establish meaningful baseline information, monitoring and evaluating change, service improvements and identifying gaps in service provision.

•Maintaining new initiatives and developing shared ways of working, leading to mainstreaming.

•To actively engage and access previously socially excluded groups and ensure that their views are reflected in the neighbourhood management process.

•Providing financial support, principally from the Leverage Fund, and from the Four Acre Community Chest Fund. The leverage Fund, and from the Four Acre Community Chest Fund. The Leverage Fund will be open to service providers operatingin and on behalf of residents in the neighbourhood management area.